Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Living My Life Through My Home Business Blog

What Is Your Mission In Life?
I had a moment of clarity today as I read the local newspaper about the amount of deaths in my city of Chicago. It made me cringe as I read how many have die this year. It was over 400. I have been told that my city has a higher death toll than our U.S. Soldiers in Afghanistan  They are even calling us “Little Chi-raq”, their version of Iraq. I have never been more driven to succeed with this wonderful system I simply call my home business blog than I am right now.
I don’t know how spiritual most people are here but when the creator presents you with an opportunity that can make way for more opportunity for others, you have to do your best and take advantage of the moment. My unique home business blog is the vehicle I am using to help empower the community I live in and hopefully as many communities across this nation and the world.
I know this will be challenging because empowering people does not mean they will see your vision and it does not guaranteed your mission will be successful. That is why you must really select your team wisely. Not to say everyone you meet are not qualify for this unique opportunity. I mean before you set out to change a piece of the world, the team you uses for this mission must be of like minds. They must know your plan and how the whole team is going to achieve it.
Most of the killing in my fair city of Chicago is from a lack of money, homelessness and just pure neglect. The youth have little or no opportunity to go pass the walls of their community. With most awaking each day with little hope at all of a future.
So my mission is fueled by pure desire to effect change by branding hope again in the hearts of teenagers, young adults and families.  So I must plan and plan well to empower my team of people with this fantastic system I simply call my home business blog.  Pray for me…

Saturday, November 3, 2012

When The People Around You Don't Believe In Your Empower Network

I remember when I started in internet marketing 6 years ago, it made me feel like I was on top the world. To be able to write my own check and that check would be based on whatever I wanted to make. I knew than I was hooked. My family and friends would always joke about me "playing around" on the computer with those "get rich quick" scams. It would never be "how's things going with your business" or something possible or encouraging. I guest most of us who wanted better out of life and used the internet to obtain it, got the same flack.

 But there are a few family members who have always looked at me as the smart, brainy kid who would definitely succeed. My oldest sister was one of them. She herself was called the smart one early on in life and was a computer science major in college. But she missed her dreams due to partying too much and later starting a family. I myself have always wanted to own my own business. I did my first business proposal at the age of 16,  I guest having a father who was a business owner kind of rubbed off.

 I got married at 21 after leaving the family business and decided to gave up my dream of owning my own. It was after leaving a publishing position is when I got into internet marketing. My family and friends were test subjects for my first business and trying to convince them of how great the product was and its benefits was like pulling tooth from a horse. I got shot down on everything I said about the product and was even walked out on during the presentations (and this was my own family).

 I have since let go of convincing the people dearest to me about my business, even the Empower Network. I just go forward with my eyes on the big prize, bringing the opportunity to people who really want it. I stay focus by doing something productive for my business everyday. And listening to positive, motivational people who encourage me as my business grow. So the only thing you need to do to convince anyone about your Empower Network business... Is to just work hard in the beginning and become success-FULL.

Posting The Right Time, For More Facetime, On Facebook

What is the right time to promote on Facebook...

That has always been the main question for most internet marketers. When, if any, is the best time to promote on Facebook. I, myself have ask the same question. A great deal of my marketing on the internet is done on Facebook, through fan pages and groups. I would just randomly pick a time in the day to promote, never really caring about what time it was. I would sometime promote as late as 1 or 2 a.m. in the morning, just because it seem like Facebook ran faster with less members on it at that time. I guest most of us have done the same to promote our businesses, not knowing we were spinning our wheel at it.

But I found this out by reading an article by blogger Ryan Pinkham on "What is the best time to promote on Facebook and Twitter." This article gave you the best days of the week to promote as well as the best times to get the most effectiveness out of your marketing campaign. I also found out that there is a legitimate formula to marketing on Facebook and Twitter that if done right, would definitely increase your membership and hopefully increase your overall profits. You can read the full post here, so the next time you start on the next campaign on Facebook, you should hopefully get the results you want.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Watching Others Succeed Will Motivate You To Your Success

I'm excited because... :) I wake up every morning since I joined the Empower Network filled with uncontrollable energy, brought on by the possibilities this system will bring to me, my family and others. I've even started creating a partial to-do-list of things I want to do when the big money rolls in. A few things are to help my community build a media center, assist my church and bless some people I know who desperately need help financially, who may not be able to afford this system at this time. But they will after I get to them. I keep myself motivated by following people who are really doing it BIG in the Empower Network. You know "social proof" can make you look at things that may have you doubting yourself, in a whole different way and make you find that place you need to be mentally, to go forward.
Example: There's a guy named Justin Verrengia (who is making a substantial income with EN), him and his wife displayed their total income for 90 days on their Empower Network blog. Just by seeing proof like this keeps me pushing on, because I know if I work hard at it in the beginning, I will someday be in a position to display my huge income to someone else and walk after that stage at one of the big Empower events. Below is proof of what the Empower Network can do for you through the eyes of Justin. Remember, there is no guarantee that you will make as much or more in your business, but it should give you something to reach for. Here's his proof:
So if you are having doubt about the ability of this fantastic system, search for proof from others who are making money and it will kick you into gear to create your success story. Now get in wussy, Success is waiting...

Friday, October 19, 2012

Blog About Your Hobby And Make Money From Home

hobbies that make money
Blogging has become a hugely popular phenomenon ever since the advent of the internet into our everyday life. It has become a handy tool for many who are looking at ways to make extra money. It forms an excellent platform for people to communicate with others, share their views, and experience about various fields where they share their passion and interest. Thus, this blogging platform has become one of the best ways to make money from home. In fact, many leading bloggers have left their full-time job and have taken up blogging as their profession. Several of the bloggers share their experience about hobbies that make money. These bloggers write blogs about various hobbies, which have become a rage among others who share the flare for same hobbies. This has lead to the bloggers making handsome money by carefully, tactfully marketing their product, and turning their writing into a stay at home business. Bloggers write about articles that should be informative and prove to be useful to the readers. Therefore, the first criterion for writing an attractive blog is to provide relevant information. Only then, the readers will check out the blog and the number of people visiting your blog will increase and become substantial.
People can write engaging and informative articles about their hobbies. This can range from gardening to fitness regime. The blog will sale as long as visitors to the blog site find the article to be helpful and informative. Bloggers should not write articles about any topic without having precise and adequate grasp over the subject. If they are able to create attractive and quality articles then they can turn their blogs into a money source. Money making tips from blogs includes writing on topics where they the bloggers can achieve heavy traffic volume and can enroll for various affiliate marketing. Bloggers should ideally begin by writing their articles in blogging sites where they can find domain space free of cost. This is a convenient way to begin, and then the blogger can expand depending on the passenger traffic their blog is generating.
Bloggers at first should decide on the content of their article. The article should be precise and the information that it contains should be accurate where its subject is recreational or business tips. If the blogger has a passion for gardening then they can create blogs on gardening. The blog can contain tips for gardening in general or it may contain tips for growing any type of flowers or plants. One hobby that is immensely beneficial to both the person concerned and for their blog is articles about weight loss training programs. The general health consciousness about obesity and the diseases it cause are on the rise among average people. The number of obese people is also on the rise across various regions, and this has lead to an increase in interest in weight loss programs. Bloggers can write blogs from their personal experience about how they went through their weight loss training schedule. They can inspire others with their survival story. On the other hand, if the blogger happens to be a fitness expert then they can write articles that contain tips about keeping the general health in a better condition. They can also include tips about losing weight in any particular part of the body. Bloggers can also write about various types of exercise routines. Fitness programs and survival stories about gruesome weight loss programs have become immensely popular among readers and consequently a lucrative segment among the bloggers.
Among other hobbies that make money, one that is immensely popular is writing. Bloggers can write about their experience in the publishing industry. Experienced writers can include tips for budding writers on how to carry on with their dream and survive in that industry. Writing about such popular persuasions is one of the best ways to make money. Those who have interests in sports can write blogs about their favorite sports. Their article can contain tips on selecting the best accessories for sport or it can contain tips to become better at the sport. Sporting tips are immensely popular among amateur enthusiasts of various sports such as golf or tennis. Blogs may also contain home business tips that are popular among people who work from home. Work from home tips may contain valuable insight into the working of this sector and guidelines on how to flourish there. Writing quality articles constitute only the first step in turning the practice of writing blogs into a stay at home business venture.
Next step in turning blog writing into lucrative ways to make extra money is to increase passenger traffic. The best way to convert your blog into a potential money source is to sign up for programs such as Google Adsense. This way your blog will generate money every time a visitor to your site clicks on the ads you have placed there. Another good method to generate a lucrative home business blog is by becoming an affiliate where you can advertise third party products through your blog. This can include ad placement for sporting equipments if your blog contains tips for any sport. These two methods comprise the most efficient money making tips by writing blogs. Bloggers can also write eBooks on the same topic that they write about in their blogs. Thus, the blogs can supplement as publicity for their book. Creating links with other established blogs and websites on the same topic as your blog is one of the best way to make money through increased traffic.
Blogging has become a lucrative stay at home business for a number of people. This is because they possess a winning combination of quality writing skills and an acute business sense. Bloggers should not expect outstanding revenues from their blogs from the very beginning. However, if they can persist and continue writing quality blogs, then they can expect their blogs to generate handsome returns in due time. Internet is full of opportunities and those who are ready to take the plunge are the ones who will succeed. Take the plunge and be a master blogger.