Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Living My Life Through My Home Business Blog

What Is Your Mission In Life?
I had a moment of clarity today as I read the local newspaper about the amount of deaths in my city of Chicago. It made me cringe as I read how many have die this year. It was over 400. I have been told that my city has a higher death toll than our U.S. Soldiers in Afghanistan  They are even calling us “Little Chi-raq”, their version of Iraq. I have never been more driven to succeed with this wonderful system I simply call my home business blog than I am right now.
I don’t know how spiritual most people are here but when the creator presents you with an opportunity that can make way for more opportunity for others, you have to do your best and take advantage of the moment. My unique home business blog is the vehicle I am using to help empower the community I live in and hopefully as many communities across this nation and the world.
I know this will be challenging because empowering people does not mean they will see your vision and it does not guaranteed your mission will be successful. That is why you must really select your team wisely. Not to say everyone you meet are not qualify for this unique opportunity. I mean before you set out to change a piece of the world, the team you uses for this mission must be of like minds. They must know your plan and how the whole team is going to achieve it.
Most of the killing in my fair city of Chicago is from a lack of money, homelessness and just pure neglect. The youth have little or no opportunity to go pass the walls of their community. With most awaking each day with little hope at all of a future.
So my mission is fueled by pure desire to effect change by branding hope again in the hearts of teenagers, young adults and families.  So I must plan and plan well to empower my team of people with this fantastic system I simply call my home business blog.  Pray for me…


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